A: Year of Toyota MR2, does the kit fit?
Our kit is designed to fit the Mk3 Toyota MR2 roadster, made from late 1999-2006.
A: How difficult is the kit to fit?
The new Ferrenzo 360 Evo is straight forward to assemble, with the new 1piece front and rear panel assemblies. There is no welding required duringthe build, and most of the Ferrenzo kit panels are bolt on. The originalToyota isn't cut or damaged in anyway, so you still have all the safety andstrength of the original car. We bolt a frame on the front and rear of thecar to add additional support to the Ferrenzo panels. The kit is an idealfirst time assembly, as no special tools are required, and the work can becarried out at home no problem. You'll only really need basic set ofspanners to unbolt all the panels, drill and a few other common hand tools.
A: How Long Does it take?
The all new Ferrenzo 360 kit takes an average owner around 70 hours to fullyassemble.
A: Why use a Toyota MR2 as a base?
The mk3 Toyota MR2 (1999-2006) is ideally suited as a base car.
- Great all round performance
- nearly 40 MPG
- Servicing is straight forward and cost effective
- Japanese Reliability
A: What are the dimensions of the car, once the kit is fitted?
Once the Ferrenzo 360 Evo is fitted, the car has the following dimensions:
Length: 4327mm
Width: 1925mm
Height: 1235mm
A: Can I use a damaged MR2?
Yes a Cat C or Cat D lightly damaged car is perfectly suited for use withour kit, as our panel set replaces virtually all the exterior bodywork.Lightly damaged cars can be found from 1600 upwards.